Alan’s Engineering Story

Alan is the National Product Development Manager with Roadstone Ltd where he leads a large team and is responsible for the development and optimisation of products and production processes. He began his employment with Roadstone in 1995 after graduating from Bolton Street, DIT with a Diploma in Civil Engineering.

The Level 9, Certificate in Road Maintenance Engineering and Network Management programme at ATU Sligo (then IT Sligo) is a bespoke course that was developed in 2014 in collaboration with the Local Authority Services National Training Group (LASNTG), primarily to meet the professional development needs of a large cohort of local authority road engineers.

While Alan did not meet the standard entry criteria for this flexible, part-time on-line programme he was made aware by the Programme Director and via the website, that experiential learning could form part of a successful application. He reflected on his membership of numerous professional and trade association committees and his regular attendance at conferences and seminars and realised he had developed knowledge and skills associated with a Level 8 Civil Engineering degree.

Alan submitted a very comprehensive RPL application and was commended by the ATU Sligo assessor for his engagement with continuous professional development throughout his career. The assessor concluded that Alan met the required learning outcomes and, following a final interview, he was accepted onto the course.

How to Apply

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RPL Explained
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