How to Apply

RPL applications are assessed against the relevant criteria, for example, module learning outcomes or programme entry requirements. As part of the RPL application process, applicants will typically provide evidence that they have attained the learning outcomes or in the case of programme entry, evidence that they are sufficiently prepared for the programme of study. 

Evidence of attainment is subject to the same quality assurance standards which the institution applies to all its programmes.

How to Apply for RPL for Entry or Advanced Entry at ATU:

Research an ATU course

Atlantic Technological University (ATU) is one of the largest multi- campus universities on the island, serving a diverse group of learners, staff, communities and organisations from our region and further afield. We offer a rich combination of academic and research excellence, quality of life and opportunity – all of which can be experienced in the most beautiful part of Ireland. Full provision of ATU programmes can be found here


Contact a member of the ATU RPL Team

An RPL Coordinator can provide information on the RPL process across the ATU as well as provide guidance and support to you for your RPL application. You can contact an RPL Coordinator here.


Apply for your desired programme

If you have not already done so, complete and submit the relevant direct programme application form. The programme team will review your application and where formal entry requirements are not met, but it is felt you may have sufficient learning from experience, you will be invited to pursue access to the programme using RPL.


Document your Learning Evidence

Applicants undertake a reflective process and gather relevant materials to support their application. The RPL Coordinator will advise and support you through the RPL process and how to evidence your learning.

How to apply for Module Exemptions at ATU:

Exemptions are assessed by the lecturer who takes the module and you should consult with them in the first instance. They are awarded where the lecturer is satisfied you meet the learning outcomes for the current module, at the required level or higher from your previously certified or experiential learning.

Please note: you should continue to attend classes until you are notified of the outcome of your exemption application


Reach out to your lecturer to discuss your prior learning and determine if applying for an exemption may be worthwhile.


Please contact your department administrator or the RPL Coordinator for the relevant form.


Recognition of Prior Certified Learning (RPCL):

The evidence required to support an application for RPCL is:

  • Copy of your official transcript result
  • Copy of the module descriptor (syllabus) that details the level, duration, module learning outcomes.

Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL):

The lecturer may assign some form of assessment or request you evidence your experiential learning through a portfolio. Please discuss with your lecturer and contact the RPL Coordinator to assist with your application for RPEL.