How to Apply

How to apply for RPL at Atlantic Technological University.

There are a number of steps to consider in applying for RPL at ATU:

For more information on the RPL assessment process across the ATU contact the RPL Co-ordinators.

Important: Candidates must first consult with a member of the ATU RPL Project Team.  Following this, the candidate can complete the relevant direct application form BEFORE starting the ePortfolio process on this site.  Please follow each step outlined above.

For more information on how to make an RPL application in ATU Donegal, please click HERE.

Examples of Evidence of Prior Learning

Use the table below to help you narrow down the types of evidence of prior learning you might use to seek advanced entry or exemption from a module on a programme you are interested in studying.

Please note: you may use the same evidence for more than one learning outcome when completing your RPL portfolio.

Learning Explanation ExamplesExamples of Evidence you could provide
Certified / FormalLearning you have achieved that was certificated and rated on the NFQ Framework.National Awards and Qualifications that has been NQF credit rated (Certificate or Diplomas in Higher Education, Degrees, Postgraduate or Masters Degrees)


Transcripts of results



Experiential / Non-formalLearning you have gained through personal experience (day to day life).Life experiences

Work experiences

School activities

Caring work (family)


Supervision and mentoring activities 

Volunteer activity 

Workplace training and professional
development courses

Samples of materials

Job descriptions



Project plans



Completed documents

Letters of verification


Records from HR Departments
Experiential / Informal Learning that signifies your past achievements (not rated on the NFQ Framework).Industry Certificates

Industry Diplomas

Professional Development Courses

Professional Body Awards

Awards and certificates from work
Descriptions of courses

Certificates of attendance

Samples of materials

Voluntary activities

Self-study schemes
How to Use the RPL e-Portfolio Assessment Tool

Watch our short introductory video on how to use the RPL e-Portfolio Assessment Tool.

Start Your Application

Once you’re ready to begin building your portfolio, click the button below to be brought to our RPL e-Portfolio Assessment Tool.

Online Payment: RPL E-Portfolio Application Assessment Fee

Please note a RPL Assessment fee of €50 applies to all RPL ePortfolio applications for ATU Galway, Mayo, Connemara & Mountbellew only.

ATU Galway, Mayo, Connemara & Mountbellew RPL Assessment Application Fee is Non-Refundable. There are no RPL assessment fees for ATU Donegal and ATU Sligo.

Country of Permanent Establishment: Ireland
Organisation: ATU Galway, Mayo, Connemara & Mountbellew
Service: RPL Assessment Fee