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How to Apply

How to Apply to Recognition of Prior Learning


Welcome to the RPL Assessment Portfolio Tool where you can build an online portfolio to help you gain access or advanced entry into a higher education programme in the Institutes of Technology in the Connacht-Ulster region including Galway-Mayo IT, LyIT and IT Sligo.

Before you start creating your online portfolio there are a number of steps you must take!

Research a course you are interested in at GMIT, IT Sligo or LyIT at the following links


Important: Candidates must first consult with a head of department (see Contacts) and then complete the institute direct application form BEFORE starting the ePortfolio. Please follow each step outlined above.

Please note an assessment fee of €100 applies to all RPL portfolio applications.
PLEASE NOTE: GMIT RPL Assessment Application Fee is Non-Refundable.


Use the table below to help you narrow down the types of evidence of prior learning you might use to seek advanced entry or exemption from a module on a programme you are interested in studying.

Please note: you may use the same evidence for more than one learning outcome when completing your RPL portfolio.

Types of RPL evidence Explanation Examples of evidence
Formal learning Courses which were formally organised and assessed.
  • Certificates
  • Transcripts of results
  • Syllabi
  • Research reports/thesis
Non-formal learning Training events which were organised but did not necessarily have an assessment.
  • Descriptions of courses
  • Certificates of attendance
  • Samples of materials
Informal learning/self-managed learning Learning you achieved that was not organised by others
  • Voluntary activities
  • Self-study schemes
Work history and job descriptions Aspects of your paid and voluntary work that are relevant to the module
  • Job descriptions
  • Responsibilities
Samples of work If there is physical evidence of your prior learning other than certificates etc
  • Reports
  • Project plans
  • Designs
  • Photographs
  • Completed documents
Reports from employers/managers If there is no tangible evidence of your learning it may be possible to arrange verification from third parties/employers/managers
  • Letters of verification
  • References
  • Records from HR Departments